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Airdrop with The Parallel
Total rewards: 60,000 PRL
Airdrop with 3000 PRL each winner:
▪️ [400 Winners] 5 friends invited: 20 PRL
▪️ [300 Winners] 10 friends invited: 50 PRL
▪️ [200 Winners] 15 friends invited: 100 PRL
▪️ [100 Winners] 20 friends or more invited: 200 PRL
Top Ref Awards: TOP 3 users with the highest Ref Points at the end will receive special rewards below
🔸 Top 1: 3000 PRL
🔸 Top 2: 2000 PRL
🔸 Top 3: 1000 PRL

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29 w
1 to 5 satoshi per claim
Daily limit is 200 satoshi

#faucet #legit #micropayment

Need to claim


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If you are new to crypto and want to learn how to earn crypto without doing any investment. DM me. I can guide you.

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30 w

EARN from TORUM, a social site for cryptocurrency similar to Polkasocial, Blockster etc.
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Learn to make crypto without Deposit or Funding.