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Gami app, you'll get 5$ per referral, 0.25 $ for mining every 24h and 0
10 for ads. Their coin is listed on Bitsmart, code: 3pLHxq55KjUj. Download at


Hey, I am sending you 1 CNX! CoinX-Miner App is a new tool where you can mine and earn coins for free for a limited amount of time. To claim your CNX, you have to download the following app:
After you downloaded the miner app, you can use Florin as invitation code.
Hurry up! Just a limited amount of people can mine.


#cheemsinu the next 1000x who is buying in? #zinu or #cinu ?


Instant claim ,gak sampai semenit landing ke wallet . silakan di bagikan gaaaeeess

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Network : Etherreum ERC-20
Contract : 0xa4ce90b5f9e2e1eb95ef7f74bace5e19c4dd989d


Instan claim gaeesss bakalan viral kayak metamusk ni, gift nya 73$ ngaaap

👨‍🔥10,000 Airdrops(Terk), first come first served
💰 Reward: 10,000 Terk ~ 73$
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Contract: 0x53035E4e14fb3f82C02357B35d5cC0C5b53928B4
Name: Terk
Symbol: Terk
Decimals: 18



Sharing airdrop and mining
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