What is the Importance of Tracking Employee Productivity?

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Discover why monitoring employee productivity is crucial for business success. Learn how tracking can enhance efficiency and drive growth.

When it’s a small business or an enterprise, the managers of both setups feel proud to have a team of employees who work diligently towards meeting the goals. However, oftentimes they may find it difficult to track the productivity of their employees. This may lead to a lack of transparency among the manager and team members. What if we tell you that there’s a way to avoid that?

Sounds interesting right?

In this article, we’ll throw light on the importance of tracking the productivity of employees and how employee monitoring software helps you streamline the process. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


What is the importance of tracking employee productivity? 

Knowing where your team members are lagging behind can go a long way in identifying the reasons for that lag, which can be many. Besides this, it can also help the managers in figuring out a way to make things better for the employees that would eventually help them in meeting their targets. Let’s dive deeper into this to gain more clarity;

  • Makes performance evaluation an easy–peasy task

With the help of tracking productivity, managers can easily evaluate the performance of each member of the team. They can identify which employees need training in order to enhance their performance and which of them are performing their best. It allows them to get some sense of clarity on deciding the appraisals of team members.

  • Balancing workloads

According to a global survey by WHO,  burnout affects approximately 27% of the global workforce. This can be prevented by tracking employee productivity. Let’s know how.

Monitoring the productivity of every person in the team can help managers to evenly distribute the work among team members. This will ensure that they are not getting burned out and that their skills and time are getting optimally utilized.

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  • Setting goals and achieving targets becomes easy 

Oftentimes, employees find it difficult to achieve their targets due to unrealistic goal setting by the managers. By tracking the productivity levels of employees managers can keep this at bay. Things like productivity reports can go a long way in helping managers identify inefficiencies in workflows, offer proper feedback and training and recognise high-performing employees.

This further keeps the team's motivation intact and makes target achievement a smoother process.

  • Effective management of time and resources

‘Time is money’. We think everyone reading this article so far, would agree to that. Oftentimes at workplaces, employees find it difficult to manage their time and productivity due to numerous reasons such as frequent and over-stretched meetings, excessive workload and expectation to meet their targets regardless.

Keeping track of employee productivity can also help managers identify these reasons and slack some of them. This will give employees the room to manage their time and managers the ability to manage their resources efficiently.

  • Recognize burnout and create a work-life balance

Work-life balance is a crucial factor that affects the productivity of employees. As per a study published in the journal ‘Occupational and Environmental Medicine’, there’s a strong association between long working hours and the risk of developing depressive symptoms and anxiety. 

Even though there can be numerous reasons for burnout, longer working hours or too much workload are some of the primary ones. Tracking employee productivity allows managers to recognize employees who are on the verge of burnout. This will further enable them to take proactive measures to resolve burnout and create a healthy work-life balance for employees.


What is Employee Tracking Software?

Finally, we have reached a point where we’ll talk about the protagonist of our story, employee tracking software. As you must have guessed by the name, it’s a platform that enables managers to get real-time data on the efficiency and productivity of their employees. 

During the working hours of employees, this data helps in analyzing their behaviour and measuring their productivity levels. This software is designed to help managers and business owners optimize the employee's enthusiasm and dedication towards their job.


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How can Employee Tracking Software ensure productivity? 

Here are some solutions of employee tracking software that help make productivity tracking easier for managers and business owners;

  • Leave and Attendance Management System

Managing the attendance and leaves of employees just couldn’t get any easier. The leave and attendance management feature in employee tracking software allows managers to keep track of employees’ attendance and leaves. In terms of attendance, this transparency helps in reducing time thefts.

On the other hand, in the case of leaves, the system allows employees to apply for leaves remotely. It even comes with visual verification where a picture of employees gets clicked with a timestamp. Pretty convenient right?

  • Live Monitoring and Tracking

For companies operating remotely from client sites or having field employees, tracking and monitoring the activities of employees without software becomes a hassle. Here the field force tracking software removes that hassle by allowing managers to track their employees in real-time. 

  • Analytical Reports

This is one of the best solutions for Employee Tracking Software. By having easy access to analytical reports consisting of every tiny detail about the project, the contribution of team members, and the tasks executed by them, managers get real-time insights into their productivity. 

  • Expense Management

Making insurance claims and receiving the approval of managers just got hassle-free. By using this expense management software, employees can upload claim requests that immediately go to the managers. The system also notifies employees when their requests get approved.

  • In-built Chat Box

This solution gives freedom to the employees and managers to communicate openly about work-related or any other topic. It also reduces the need to use multiple platforms to stay connected.

  • Automating Task Management

Automation saves time, energy and effort. Here, the software helps in making task allocation a simpler process. How? The calendar view by TrackoField helps managers know which employees are available. This further gives them a chance to identify who will be best suited for the task. Thus making it easier for the managers to assign daily/ weekly tasks.


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Now that you have learned the importance of tracking employee productivity and how Employee Tracking Software by TrackoField can help you streamline workflow, it’s time to take some action. Drive your employees' motivation and let your organization achieve heights.

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