Snack Airdrop ??

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Airdrop supply 10,000,000 SNACK !!!

Complete task to participate in the Airdrop and you will get 500 SNACK and 25 SNACK for each referral.
Airdrop will be closed in 3 days and remaining SNACK Airdrop Will be Burned before the Presale Launch.

Snack Airdrop 


Reward: 500 SNACK

 Referral: 25 SNACK

The Remaining Airdrops will Be Burned If not Claimed


  1. To Start Click Here
  2. Follow Twitter
  3. Join Telegram Group and Channel
  4. Retweet and Tag 3 Friends in the Pinned Post
  5. Put @CryptoPHH as Referral
  6. Submit BSC Address
  7. Done


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