Bitcoin has to die for the good of cryptocommunity.

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My opinion about bitcoin and why is time to die.

I used to say back in the days when bitcoin was few dollars, that this is the future and the new economic system. Today I say Bitcoin was nice, but now must die for the good of the crypto community.

Bitcoin has nothing to offer anymore! We have so many other active projects that do much more ,use much less energy , do much more transactions per second and are really decentralized. Projects that can really do of what Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to do with Bitcoin!

I won't speak for every project that I think is way better than Bitcoin, I will speak only for my favorite which is Cardano. Is the most decentralized and solid project in cryto, it can do anything that Bitcoin do but better, faster, and does so many more things!

So I explain why we don't need Bitcoin and now I will explain why must die!
Because of its rediculus market cap! There are so many other valuable projects that need to get much more value, but Bitcoin holds all the value locked in it. Projects like Polkasocial need more funds in order to get stronger.
I believe people has to wake up and start to invest to real projects and not to zombies like Bitcoin. We need a real market and internet of value.

What is your opinion?

Riccardo Carli 1 w

Nice point. I think this view is getting warmer and warmer, even if BTC is still the main market driver. It's easy to spot on the charts. I think it will take a bit more time... Though, I don't agree on the lack of decetralization of BTC: developers are working hard to keep it safe and solid. (Taproot) BTC can be really set by the entire market as a perfect - simple - store of value.