Relevance and Staying Power: Important Considerations in Hodling

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Relevance and staying power are important considerations in hodling.

I know that it is a bit stressful if you bought from the top. But if you are in crypto for long-term there is nothing to worry about. Surely, if you are on coins or tokens with strong fundamentals, mass adoption and use cases, there value will be worth more a few months, if not years from now. If you are on memecoins and those which rely on hype, you may think about minimizing the risks.
The fact is if Bitcoin will not go back to its all-time high by the third week of December, we may wait a month or two or even three for that to happen. If it fails to go back to its all-time high within the three-month period, then it's bear period. I see this dump similar to that of April or May although not as worse. As a hodler, my plans have not changed.
I put everything on DeFi farming.What I am watching out is the relevance of the coins or tokens I hold. In the crypto space, your coin or token may be relevant last month and may slowly lose its relevance thereafter. Relevance affects adoption and price action.
A few years ago Tron, Ontology and Neo are gaining adoption but they have gradually lost their relevance. Early this year, Zilliqa, Chiliz and Theta are performing well but they have failed to regain the momentum. A lot of coins and tokens under them performed well and overtook them.
So far, only Bitcoin, Ethereum and some of you might hate it, Ripple have stayed relevant. They remained within the Top 10 despite many which have tried to overtake them. XRP was shortly damaged by a lawsuit filed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission but have since then regained its spot.
Solana, Avalanche and Terra are yet to prove their relevance and staying power. Let's admit it, a lot of coins and tokens within the Top 100 will be outside of it a few months or years from now. If you are a hodler.  It is never enough to just leave your cryptos in your wallet and just hope for them to grow. Relevance and staying power are important considerations in hodling.