the Nike Air Max 90 Air Sprung Coming Soon

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the Nike Air Max 90 Air Sprung Coming Soon

Following the introduction of the contours of Nike Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 into the "Air Sprung" series, Nike now includes the Nike Air Max 90. The upcoming shoe uppers feature a palette of sesame, pink, coconut milk and phantoms, Air Jordan 1 Fearless paired with tumbling leather, canvas and burlap woven uppers. Pink hues run in the horizontal whirlwind and the tip of the outsole, and purple hues decorate the upper eye stays and aviation units. Continuing the theme of the previous collaboration, there is a detachable mushroom block on the heel, and a mismatched butterfly pattern and a Move to Zero pattern on the insole. The extended tongue label with the Nike logo and the letter list "SWOOOOOOSH" completes the special edition double. The foundation of the cooperative footwear model is "MADE IN ENGLAND" 1460 8-hole boots and 1461 3-hole shoes, which were first introduced in the 1960s. Black leather WOLF's HEAD x Dr. Martens shoes have an asymmetrical design, with brass gold studs inlaid on the side, yellow welt stitched on the top of the midsole, and an AirWair heel ring on the high-top upper. With the studs integrated into the eyelets, the unique configuration of the shoelace clearly shows the wolf's head logo on the mismatched tongue tag.

As one of the youngest stars in the NBA, Jason Tatum has long been well-known. 2021 Yeezy Boost ,As a core player of the Boston Celtics, Tatum is an important part of the team's playoffs. In 2019, Jordan Brand recognized his talent, added him to the company's list of athletes, and emphasized that the star Celtics is the main face of the flying man Jordan. In a recent conversation with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles on the Knuckleheads podcast, Tatum teased fans about his upcoming signature shoes. Although he could not give a specific release date, he confirmed that it was "in progress." In the podcast, Tatum reflected on how surreal it feels to work with Jordan Brand, which he called a "hell-like feeling." He added that he likes to see his design "come to life". So far, Tatum has released a series of different versions of shoes, including Air Jordan 34, Air Jordan 35 and Air Jordan 36 exclusive players. Let's take a look at the following conversation with Jason Tatum about his signature shoes.

Blackstock Weber launched its Vibram brown bag loafers series to catch up with the holiday season. The new series expands the brand’s core products. Ellis Penny, Mason Horsebit and Clásico Tassel casual shoes are made of soft chocolate Hoka Shoes brown pebble-textured leather with storm straps and Vibram soles. The lines of Ellis Penny are simple and eye-opening; the lines of Mason Horsbit are golden buckles; the lines of Clásico tassels are dark brown double tassels. In October of this year, Blackstock Weber returned to the autumn and winter of 2021 with a series of classic loafers. This new series, called "The Hoodies Season", adopts tonal aesthetics in brown, beige, Bordeaux, black and navy blue. The highlight of the series is the two colors of Mason Horse Bit Loafer products-gingerbread suede with rough bark relief, and smooth two-tone suede uppers, in brown and caramel colors.