Inspired Nike Air Max 1 Is Covered In Bandana Patterns

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Inspired Nike Air Max 1 Is Covered In Bandana Patterns

Closing out 2021, the Nike Air Max 1 comes in four collab colorways from the Amsterdam Patta, continuing to celebrate its 35th anniversary Cadysneaker with a multicolored kit from Boston's concept design, seemingly inspired by the city's rock music heritage. Unlike the "Horus" collection that Kyrie Irving and his sister Asia co-created in May 2021, the upcoming sneaker forgoes any Egyptian inspiration in favor of unapologetic the US arrangement. Light blue denim with rich purple and green paneling with a white swirl pattern; cow-hair dyed print; floral outline swoosh; and other eye-catching details ostensibly copied from rock band outfits— Including Aerosmith, Boston and the Pixies — costumes worn by the bands on their Beantown tour in the 1970s and 1980s. The New England-based boutique stamps its name on the tongue and spine in a different style, as well as on the Air Max's guitar-picked hangtag; redone sneaker boxes follow suit. Much of the shoe's sole retains a subtle color palette, which further allows the upper to revel in the spotlight. While the Tariq Hassan-led brand has yet to reveal anything about the inspiration for the Air Max 1, the "/★☾" on the toe box is certainly a clue as well.

Last summer, Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton released the most exciting Air Force 1 collaboration in years. The colorway of the collection has been updated with LV's signature leather, Hoka Shoes and even rivals the Dior x Air Jordan 1. And just a few months ago, Abloh tragically passed away, and many are unsure if the photos will ever be seen again. However, considering that new images of the shoe have surfaced recently, it seems entirely possible that the release is on schedule. Louis Vuitton x Off-White x Nike Air Force 1, the shoe is the handlebar of one of Louis Vuitton's closest partners, Lucien Clarke, and has orange-blue makeup on it. The beloved monogram is repressed throughout the exterior of the shoe, accentuated by the base and white Swoosh. At the back, the new Helvetica text is dressed in the very same neutral to complement the midsole and laces, the latter offering their own "LACET" markings. The LV logo, then, hits the insole and heel tab, just off the usual Virgil touches in the neighborhood.

Nick Sisombath's Los Angeles-based brand, Collegium, continues to shake up the sneaker industry with its unique approach to product and community, 2021Shoes and now it's partnering with Discord to recreate its Destroyer High. Discord is one of the largest community communication platforms in the space, and it grew out of the good old days of companies like NikeTalk. Today, the brand is modeled after Collegium's Destroyer High in its first collaboration with the luxury footwear brand, launching two collaborative shoe bags called "Blurple," one decorated in purple, the other Decorate with black. Of course, the academy sneakers are made with the finest Italian materials, from soft suede to calfskin, waxed laces, removable hybrid leather and thermal polyurethane footbeds, and of course, all sports hand-stitched system completed. At the rear of the side, Discord's Wumpus character is embossed into the panel, while its colors -- purple and green -- accentuate various areas of the sneaker. The sneaker has Discord's slogan "Imagine a Place" engraved on the insole, next to the mascots Wumpus and Clyde. The best part about this gender-neutral collaboration is that in order to truly give back to the community that made this happen, the Academy will be offering these for free.