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CoinDCX is a protected cryptocurrency exchange. This enables trading in 250+ markets. WeAlwin technologies, an excellent cryptocurrency exchange development company, are willing to provide you with an error free clone script. That can be launched immediately.

As in the crypto world many platforms are grooming one among them is cryptocurrency exchange platform. Many softwares are available in the cryptocurrency exchange platform. And the popular software is LocalBitcoins. 

What is LocalBitcoins?

This is an exchange software as we all know. With the help of LocalBitcoins, traders can buy, sell and exchange tokens as well as cryptocurrencies.  As this is a Peer to Peer process no mediators are in between the traders. Users can contact them directly by using the live chat option. 

If you are an entrepreneur you have the idea of starting a cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins.

The best idea is LocalBitcoins clone script.

Let me tell you what LocalBitcoins clone script.

LocalBitcoins clone script is an exact replica of LocalBitcoins. This will have all the common features of LocalBitcoins and will have additional features too.

As this has a customizable option, features can be added or removed as per the admin’s wish.  And finally these have multilayer security features and also have OTC trading, escrow system and online and offline trading that will attract the crypto audience. 

Features of LocalBitcoins clone script

Ad based trading

Real time data stats

Multi Payment modes

Multi currency access

User pulling UI

Security features of LocalBitcoins

CSRF protection

Anti phishing 

AES encryption

Two factor authentication 

Soft and hard wallet provisions

Ok lets discuss about LocalBitcoins clone app

This is a P2P clone app which can be accessed on mobile too, has safe and secured applications. LocalBitcoins clone app can be used in both Ios and Android. This also has a completely customizable option.

Features of LocalBitcoins clone app

Fiat currency feasibility 

Push notification and alerts 

User and mobile friendly 

Sequential upgrades

Multiple payment gateway

security features of LocalBitcoins clone app

Seed phrased access

Time limited access

Encrypted withdrawal 

2FA validation

Qr accessibility

So where to buy it?

I'm coming directly to the answer, that WeAlwin technologies, an excellent cryptocurrency exchange development company, is ready to provide you with a fully developed LocalBitcoins clone script with 100% error free. The experts are ready to provide you with full guidance to develop your software. They are available 24/7 to clear all your doubts and bugs.

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