Burning love and official career

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Zhao Desan took a breath and went over to open the door. As soon as Director Zhang came up, he asked

Zhao Desan took a breath and went over to open the door. As soon as Director Zhang came up, he asked, "Why are you locking the door in broad daylight?" "Director Zhang, come in quickly." Zhao Desan greeted him and said, letting him aside. As soon as Director Zhang entered the door and saw his cousin inside, he looked a little surprised and said, "Fen Fen, why are you here?"? If you don't stay in the warehouse and do your work, what do you do in Xiao Zhao's office? Zhao Desan hurriedly rushed to say: "Oh." I asked my sister to send me an electric heater. There was no heating in the logistics department. It was too cold. The puzzled look on Director Zhang's face disappeared and he asked him: "Xiao Zhao, can you drive?" "Yes." Zhao Desanqiang said calmly, and then turned around and told Zhang Aiai: "Sister Ai, if the heater is good, then you can go to the warehouse to do your work." "Oh." Zhang Aiai looked at them in a panic and walked quickly out of Zhao Desan's office with her head down. When Zhao Desan saw that his sister had gone, he breathed a sigh of relief. He closed the door, rubbed his hands, and said with a smile, "The weather is suddenly cold." Looking back, I saw that Director Zhang was wearing a black woolen overcoat, and his figure looked exquisite and graceful, which looked like a unique charm. She usually wears work clothes, but this sudden dress makes this woman in her forties look like a young woman. She can't help praising her and saying,Self-closing Shower Valve, "Director Zhang, you look radiant today." Praised, Eileen Chang chuckled and asked, "Really?"? Why are you glowing? "I usually see Director Zhang in work clothes, but he suddenly changed his clothes, which is really not generally good-looking." Zhao Desan praised with a smile. Xiao Zhao, your mouth is not generally good at speaking. Zhang Ailing had a proud smile on her face, "but I like it." "Director Zhang,Time Delay Tap, you just asked me if I could drive. What's the matter?" Zhao Desan asked with a straight face. Eileen Chang went to the table and put her hand beside the electric heater. "You can drive, can't you?" She said. "Yes." Do you have a driver's license? She looked back and asked. Yes Zhao Desan answered, full of doubts. Why does Director Zhang ask this? "All right." Eileen Chang turned around and put her hands in her pockets. "Come on, drive me to Jiefang Road. I'm going to buy a winter suit." So this is the matter, Zhao Desan a little embarrassed to say: "But not off work ah?" Eileen Chang laughed contemptuously and said, "Are you afraid of Director Zhang's criticism?"? It's all right. If he criticizes you, let him come to me. She dispelled Zhao Desan's worries. All right, shall we go now? Zhao De asked three times. Uh Eileen Chang nodded. "Let's go." Go and open the door and walk out. Zhao Desan turned off the electric heater, hurriedly followed her out of the office, trotted two steps, and walked side by side with her. Arriving at her special car in the front yard, Eileen Chang handed him the car keys and said, "Get in the car." Zhao Desan hurriedly opened the door, carefully welcomed her into the car, trotted around to open the driver's door, Manual Flush Valve ,Flush valve price, started the car, and drove out to the door of the Coal Bureau. Director Zhang, where is your driver? Zhao Desan asked in puzzlement, "How can I help you drive?" "I'm a little uncomfortable and asked for leave." "Won't your secretary go with you?" Zhao Desan tentatively asked, under normal circumstances, as long as Li Shanshan is in the unit, no matter where Director Zhang goes, she is always inseparable. Xiao Li, she is in the office. Zhang Ailing said, turned her head and blinked her eyes, "I took you out alone to accompany me to buy clothes, Xiao Zhao, not to say that you are very clever, how can you not understand this?" "Oh.." Zhao Desan slanted his face and smiled at Zhang Ailing, already understanding her intention. Zhang Ailing smiled at him tacitly, and lifted her short hair, which showed a trace of amorous feelings in intellectuality and contained the charm of dust in nobility. A woman who is nearly fifty years old looks even more charming and charming. By the way, Director Zhang, is there a party in our Bureau on New Year's Day? "Yes, it is held every year to enrich the working atmosphere. Not only our Bureau, but also the subordinate units of the Municipal Party Committee will hold internal evening parties to enliven the cultural life of the broad masses of workers." Director Zhang asked me to perform for the Logistics Department. "Zhao Desan sighed," I don't know what to do. " Eileen Chang turned her head, raised her eyebrows, and asked with a smile, "Really?"? That's not bad. It's also an opportunity for self-expression. If you win the prize, it's also an honor for you personally. In my opinion, you are suitable for acting in sketches, and you will definitely win the prize. "A sketch?" Zhao Desan gave Director Zhang a sidelong glance. "I guess not." "Your personality is more extroverted, so you are suitable for acting in sketches." Director Zhang pointed out an idea to him, and after she reminded him, Zhao Desan really felt that he could only act in a sketch. He was tone-deaf when singing, and his eyes were black when dancing. Ok, then I will think about it carefully. I will go home and search on the Internet at night to see what funny sketches there are and study hard. "I'm afraid there's no time tonight." Eileen Chang smiled eerily and gave him a sidelong glance. When Zhao Desan saw her expression, he already understood what she meant. He followed her meaning and said with a ghost smile, "Tomorrow night. Anyway, it's still more than half a month before New Year's Day." The car drove to Jiefang Road, found a seat to stop, Zhao Desan hurriedly and respectfully got off to open the door for her, bent down to meet her off, like her full-time driver. He followed Zhang Ailing around from shop to shop. When she bought a dress, he quickly took it over and carried it. For his own future, he could only commit himself to being the secret lover of the old woman who held great power. Because it was the middle of the week, the weather was cold, the wind was strong, and there were fewer people on the street, Zhao Desan followed Zhang Ailing closely and was not afraid of being seen by acquaintances. All the way from Jiefang Road Pedestrian Street to Junli Square, I saw an old couple staring at them. Zhao Desan was a little puzzled. He felt that they looked familiar. When he remembered that they were Li Shanshan's parents, he wanted to say hello,Service Sink Faucets, but they had disappeared. Eileen Chang walked to the door of an underwear store. She turned around and asked with a sly smile, "Xiao Zhao, will you go in with me?" 。 cnkexin.com