Why Study MBBS in Egypt?

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Today, a large number of students want to study MBBS abroad. Study MBBS in Egypt has become a preferred choice for medical education abroad in Asia as well. Students from all over the world want to study MBBS in Egypt. Egyptian universities have the state-of-the-art infrastructure for medical education. In addition, Egypt offers students the opportunity to observe its diverse political environment and economic Middle Eastern way of life. In Egypt, you will find many accredited educational institutions that provide quality education with guidance at every level. Also, the curriculum is reasonable, and educational institutions offer scholarships for additional financial aid to students. There are about ten universities that are duly accredited by the WHO and NMC. English is the medium of instruction in Egyptian universities. The average fee for MBBS in Egypt is around 6,000 USD per year.


Why study MBBS in Egypt?

MBBS in Egypt has become one of the most sought-after foreign education options among Indian and international students. Egyptian culture is one of the most popular in the world. It also helps students learn more about ancient civilizations. Another important thing is that the climate, cost of living and learning environment are similar to India. MBBS in Egypt is a 5 + 2 year program, with a 5 year MBBS degree and a 2 year internship. But, if students want to do an internship in India, it is only 1 year.


Benefits of studying MBBS in Egyptian universities

Affordable Costs: Egyptian universities offer affordable medical courses. Most of the universities in Egypt are government funded, so the total cost of doing an MBBS is relatively low compared to India. Universities also have a scholarship program for eligible applicants. Furthermore, these universities are well accredited by the NMC and the WHO.

Easy visa application: You do not have to wait months or years to get a visa to Egypt. Their documentation process is very simple and will not take much time to process your application. Receive your invitation letter and apply for the visa, within 2 weeks, you will receive it.

No language barrier: Universities offer courses in English medium so there is no communication problem for students going from India or any foreign country. However, some universities may ask for TOEFL / IELTS scores for admission.

Excellent hospitality: MBBS in Egypt has the best environment and hospitality for international students. They provide fully equipped accommodation rooms with connected AC, centralized heating system, internet facilities, water heater, Indian mess serving Indian food and other facilities like gyms, and swimming pools.

Job Opportunity: These universities offer higher education to students. Because of this, they have plenty of opportunities to apply for jobs in any part of the world. Also, once you have the certification to train anywhere in the world, they can get the country-wise certification and do medical training after graduation.

MBBS in Egypt Also, the degree is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Medical Council (NMC) in Egypt. Every university in Egypt charges an affordable fee and its curriculum is of European standard. Even during the medical cycle, students receive a greater number of exams in hospitals.