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Hivelance provides a well-known cryptocurrency exchange clone script that may help you quickly establish a ROI-based cryptocurrency trading platform.

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script?

A cryptocurrency exchange clone script is a software solution that mimics the functionality and features of an existing cryptocurrency exchange platform. It helps entrepreneurs and developers to build their own cryptocurrency exchange platforms by utilizing an existing successful model. User registration, wallet integration, trading pairs, order books, and security features are all included in the clone script. It serves as a framework for establishing a customized exchange platform, saving time and effort in designing everything from the scratch. Businesses can quickly build their own cryptocurrency exchanges and enter the growing market of digital asset trading by using a clone script.

Some of popular crypto exchange clone script are:

Binance Clone Script

Hivelance offers a ready-made and multi-tested Binance Clone Script with the exact features and functionalities of Binance Exchange. Our secured Binance Clone Software includes premium features like Integration of Crypto Wallets, Matching and Trading Engine, P2P trading, Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Liquidity Integration, DeFi Swapping, IEO Launchpad, and many more. Our White Label Binance Clone Software allows you to tailor the software based on your business needs.

Coinbase Clone Script

Hivelance provides a ready-to-use and bug-free Coinbase Clone Script, which is a user-to-admin crypto exchange clone software that replicates the Coinbase Exchange's features and functionality. This enables businesses and entrepreneurs to quickly launch their own crypto exchange trading platform. Our Coinbase clone software includes features such as instant buy/sell cryptocurrency, trouble-free transactions, enhanced security, storage wallets, an easily navigable interface, and more. Our expert developers create applications using cutting-edge technology and tools.

Remitano Clone Script

Hivelance offers a pre-built Remitano clone script which is a bug-free cryptocurrency exchange software that replicates the features and functionalities of the Remitano platform. Our Remitano clone software is highly secure, offering language support, payment methods, and trading pairs tailored to meet the unique needs of the business. The script is built with advanced security features to ensure secure transactions and protect user data. The Remitano clone script offered by Hivelance is competitively priced and comes with reliable technical support, ensuring timely delivery and smooth operation of the platform.

Paxful Clone Script

Paxful clone script is a p2p crypto exchange clone software that is ready for market. It also includes all of the Paxful's existing capabilities and high-end plug-ins. With this p2p exchange clone script, you can modify your desired features and quickly build an amazingly responsive exchange like Paxful in a very short span of time. Our white-label Paxful clone software has been completely pre-designed, built, multi-tested, and is now ready for deployment.

Kraken Clone Script

Hivelance offers a pre-built and multi-tested Kraken Clone Script, which is a centralized crypto exchange clone software that has exact features and functionalities of Kraken Exchange. This script helps startups and entrepreneurs to launch their own crypto exchange trading platform instantly. Our Kraken clone software includes features such as Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Staking, Liquidity, Crypto Futures, OTC, Multi-language Support, and more. We also provide white label kraken Clone software that helps you to tailor the software to your business needs.



Hivelance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange clone script provider that offers a clone script for popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that may help you to launch your own high ROI –based crypto trading platform in few days.

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