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Hivelance is a leading NFT game development company that helps you build your NFT gaming platform idea into reality. Get a complete NFT Game design and development services.

NFT Game Development Company


Hivelance is the leading NFT Game Development Company that helps you launch your NFT gaming platform offering an interactive and engaging experience for the NFT community. We offer white label P2E NFT Gaming Solution by which the users can earn in-game rewards and attract millions of players to invest in gaming assets. Our NFT Gaming solution allows players to trade and monetize their in-game assets through digital ownership of NFT. Enthusiastic team of developers delivers a user-friendly NFT gaming platform with scalable UI design, high-quality animations and backgrounds.


Our NFT Game Development services


NFT Game Concept Creation

We create NFT game concepts from scratch that include the design of the avatars, objects and digital assets in a visually appealing way. We can guide you to create a NFT game ecosystem where users are leveled up through every stage of gaming. We assist your NFT game project with a full fledged technical support team even after the launch.


NFT Game Tokenization

We define NFT tokenomics for your NFT gaming project by tokenizing every NFT game asset in the blockchain platforms like Etheruem, BSC and Polygon. We tokenize all forms of gaming assets and tools like weapons, characters, land property and special editions of digital collectibles.


NFT Game Graphics Creation

With a highly programmed gaming interface, we can create a fully functioning NFT game where the avatars are represented by the tokens that can move around in a 3D environment. In our NFT game developing process,we set up the graphics with a library called the Phaser, an open-source HTML5 game library.


NFT Game Marketplace Development

Our team is expertise in developing the best NFT game marketplace exclusively for games. We have an NFT marketplace in hand that lists a variety of game assets and collectibles in the form of NFT. We use compliance standard protocols while creating an NFT marketplace in any blockchain network.


NFT Game Smart Contract Creation

We build smart contracts using the token standards such as ERC-721, ERC-1155, and ERC-998. NFT games use both fungible in-game currency and non-fungible assets in common, we use ERC-1155 token standard for creating NFT game smart contracts. Our NFT game developers have profound experience in validating the smart contract to avoid any vulnerabilities in the project.


NFT Game Metaverse Integration

We create your own attractive Digital Realm to access the Impressive and Smart NFT game Metaverse World. Our Experienced NFT Metaverse Developers are the pioneers in unveiling the magical NFT metaverse games with all 3D setups for interaction across the users without any boundaries.


NFT Game Development Types


Play-To-Earn Games

Play-to-earn gaming allows the users to earn money while playing games that consist of cryptocurrencies and tokens. These gaming platform is fully customized and serves as the decentralized network. P2E games can transform the gaming industry completely with collectibles for trading. We offer excellent play-to-earn game development services.


Arcade games

Arcade games are the classical coin-operated games that utilize player input to win next levels. Our NFT game development experts can mix classical arcade games to adapt for NFT and bring reliable experience with all animations followed. We blend the traditional arcade games to infuse with the NFT technology.


RPG games

Role play games (RPG) is an online game in which each player takes on the role of a character in a fantasy or science fiction setting who can interact with other characters in the game's fictional world. We create Role-Playing Games using blockchain including artificial intelligence, audio effects, 3D graphics, animations and other components that give online games an elegant appearance.


Why choose Hivelance for NFT Game Development?

Hivelance offers a mission driven service in the development of NFT games with world level standards.Our guidance will be the agnostic solutions with latest technologies implemented with appropriate tools.Our skilled professionals are 10+ years experienced and assist the users very patiently in bringing out the best of our creativity.We are popular in NFT game development having the added advantages for you as follows.


24/7 Support

Quality Assurance Team

Affordable Development Cost

White label solutions

Customized Project Development

Proper Testing Phases

On time delivery


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