Another Three Hidden Gems You Should Take A Look

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These are another three new hidden gems that you should take a look.

These are another three new hidden gems that you should take a look.


First, Enecuum. Its blockchain protocol for decentralized Web3 applications is based on a combination of proof-of-activity, proof-of-work, and proof-of-stake, with the former taking the lion's share of responsibility for confirming transactions. Enecuum taps into the largely under-utilized computational power of smartphones around the globe to facilitate the validation process and decentralize storage; the more devices connect, the higher the network speed.


Second, Maro. It is a project built using Cosmos SDK with the aim of providing an efficient easy-to-use platform for value exchange and secure financial service for global citizens. It has four main working products namely Tata, a decentralized social media platform similar to Instagram; WorkBox, a platform where users can do and contribute to simple tasks and get rewarded; Tigris, a lending and borrowing service; and TDex, a decentralized exchange where users can swap their Maro with other tokens from projects built on top of Maro.


Lastly, Chainge Finance. It is a DeFi project that aims to empower people from all corners of the world to become their own digital bank. Users can stake their Bitcoin to earn 8.32 APY and USDT to earn 16.18 APY. In addition, users can exchange between any currencies, connect with friends financially or use escrow payments to leverage business trust all within its mobile app.


I have another three gems to share tomorrow. Stay tuned.


(This is not a financial or investment advice neither this should be construed as a buy or sell signal. Kindly do your own research before investing. Image is owned by Joshua Fuller.)