A Necessary Retest

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This dip is more of a retest, not an end-of-the-world scenario like most believe.

This dip is more of a retest.
We still have a lot of paperhands and those small-time profit takers that need to be shaken out of the space. We don't want them ruining the price action all the way from 60K to 100K.
The 31K to 32K level is a strong support that's too difficult to break. If we go down, we still have 30K which is much stronger and harder to break. The strong support between 30K to 32K will get the sellers exhausted first before they could break the support. I see the price getting better within the next 12 to 24 hours if we don't break the 32K or 31K level.
But I may be wrong because everything is possible in crypto.