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Polymer Cell in stock A grade 3.2V 60Ah(63Ah) LiFepo4 pouch lithium ion battery with high energy density, made on the safe LiFePO4 technology, capacity Ah, Nominal voltage 3.2V, and the operational voltage is 2.5-3.65V. This battery cell is suitable for all traction applications including passenger cars. Fully complies also for stationary applications, such as energy storage. There are very low self discharging effect, can be recharged at any state of discharge, there is no memory effect. Features 1. High capacity and stable discharge voltage 2. Longer working time with high performance 3. Light weight with small size 4. Outstanding discharge properties and small internal resistance 5. No memory effect, good discharge ability and high load and resist high temperature 6. Pollution free for environmental protection 7. 100% Authentic original li-ion rechargeable battery 8. Bulid in anti-explosion protection and circuit protection 9. Long cycle life more than 3000 times 10. Good consistency, low self discharge Specification Pouch Type Lithium Ion Polymer Battery 3.2v 60ah 63ah LiFePO4 Pouch Battery Cell No.Item3.2v-63Ah 1Nominal Capacity63Ah 2Nominal Voltage3.2V 3Charge Ending Voltage3.65V 4Discharge Ending Voltage2.5V(鈮?鈩? 2.2V( 0鈩? 5Standard Charging Method25卤2鈩?0.5C constant current charge to 3.65V, then constant voltage 3.65V charge till charged current declines to 鈮?0.05C 6Standard Discharging Method25卤2鈩?0.5C constant current discharge to 2.5V 7Max. Pulse Charging Current1C 63A (15鈩儈45鈩? 50%SOC) 8Max. Pulse Discharging Current1.5C 94.5A (15鈩儈45鈩? 50%SOC) 9Operating environmentCharging: -0鈩?55鈩? max.90%RH Discharging: -20鈩?55鈩? max.90%RH 10Impedance0.5m惟 11Size162*15*229(mm) 12Cell Weight (Not include PCB)1.3kg 13Cycle LifeNot less than 80% initial capacity after 2500 Cycles. Test condition: 25卤2鈩?br Charge:0.5C to 3.65V, then constant voltage 3.65V charge till charged current declines to 鈮?0.05C Discharge:0.5C to 2.5V When the discharge capacity reduced to 80% of rated capacity, Stop testing. Factory Tour Why Choose Us FAQ 1). Are the batteries GRADE-A,Brand NEW? A: Yes, GRADE A quality. the QR code is intact, Brand new. 2). Can I have a sample order? A: Yes, we accept sample order to test and check quality. Batteries can be made as require. 3). What's your advantage compared with other suppliers? A: High quality batteries: Our batteries are in enough capacity, and lower in RI, we will inspect the products and ensure the quality which are well approved by our clients before shipment.Polymer Cell in stock website:http://www.dongjin-battery.com/lifepo4-cell/polymer-cell/