Why You Need to Invest in Task Management Software — Up-Next?

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Read how investing in the best task management software lets you simplify task allocation to field staff through a digital checklist while keeping track of their every move.

Managing tasks efficiently has become detrimental for individuals and organisations. The crazy amount of service tasks, assignments, and responsibilities can become overwhelming, too soon—- if not managed with the right tools.

This is when task management software comes to the rescue, streamlining task allocation, task tracking, and productivity of individuals and teams. Let’s explore how the best task management software as part of employee task monitoring software helps scale businesses' efficiency.


Why Do You Need Task Management Software?

1. To Ensure Efficiency and Productivity

Employee task tracking software helps enhance the productivity and efficiency of businesses. By letting field managers create, assign, and track tasks of their field staff, individuals can better organise their workloads and prioritise tasks effectively. 

The software acts as a centralised platform where the field force can review upcoming tasks with deadlines and quickly identify which tasks require immediate attention. This quick addressing of tasks yields nothing but heightened productivity. 

It helps in simplifying field service management for businesses like Samsung with service requests or Urban Company offering appointment-based services


2. To Improve Task Allocation and Organization

Any best task management software lets organizations:

  • Categorise tasks.
  • Ascertain task types.
  • Set due dates.
  • And assign them to the right person.

It’s best for businesses with field staff who are into comprehensive field service or order management. This helps in making the workload much easier. It’s suitable for individuals managing personal tasks or a team lead handling complex projects.

  • The employee task tracking software produces a well-structured task list or checklist in a digitised format, ensuring great transparency. 
  • The employee task monitoring software offering task management tools helps with task-wise and project-wise categorisation, which makes it easy to compartmentalise work to ensure organisation. 


3. To Ensure Effective Collaboration

For businesses with field force teams, task management tools in field force management software foster a great deal of transparency and collaboration. It allows line managers to assign or share tasks with the team, and delegate responsibilities. Whereas, in return, it allows field executives to view and edit tasks, and mark their status

  • This level of transparency ensures that everyone in the team is on the same page, thus, preventing miscommunication and enhancing collaboration. 
  • Additionally, team leaders or managers are able to track the progress of various projects in real-time and allocate tasks to the resources as needed. 

All in all, it streamlines field employee management.


4. For Real-Time Tracking and Accountability

Task management software helps managers track their deskless field executives in real-time. More than that, it helps them ascertain how much time they are investing in each task. It allows managers to evaluate how much time their field staff allocates to each task or how they comply with priority tasks without compromising efficiency.

Most soluble employee task tracking software offers options for geo-verification. With this feature, managers can identify whether their executives actually visited the task site or not. Most software is linked to leave and attendance management software. Executives' attendance would only be marked when they visit the site. 

Time tracking ensures a high level of accountability, it explains how each team member is efficiently contributing to tasks. 


5. To Reduce Stress, Paperwork and Better Work-Life Balance

The stress of managing multiple tasks, and ensuring their progress deadlines can become overwhelming. With the best task management software, businesses can alleviate their stress by getting a clear roadmap of all the tasks — all digitally. Yes, no need to immerse in paper piles.

It provides a comprehensive view of all tasks with their priorities and deadlines. This way, executives can calmly and confidently approach work, without losing their sanity.

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6. To Achieve Customisation and Flexibility

Many companies today offer custom task management software, wherein businesses with field staff get tailorable tools, and settings, according to their needs. Additionally, many software providers offer the option to create custom fields, set recurring tasks, and define workflows. 

This level of customisation and flexibility helps meet businesses' diverse scalable needs spot on. 


7. Easy to Access — Anytime Anywhere

When businesses have a mobile and field workforce, they cannot do without technological solutions. Such employee task tracking software, easily accessible on mobile and palmtop devices lets executives access it, anytime and anywhere.

Most competent software even offers the option to navigate tasks in poor connectivity or bad network areas. Since this software is cloud-based, field staff can access the features when they are in the office, at home, or on the go. This accessibility allows executives to stay connected and productive — no matter where they are.



Task management software is not just a luxury; but rather a necessity for individuals and organisations. For fast-paced organisations with large no. of field staff, employee tracking software them toward — efficiency, productivity, and better work management.

Whether you are a line manager or a field executive, task management software can save your business’s lot of time, resources, costs, and more than that — stress.

So, don't wait any longer – invest in a task management solution by TrackoField, that suits your needs and experience the benefits firsthand.

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